Dine and Shine

The Etiquette of Business Meals

2-hour interactive seminar including meal provided by client OR 1-hour seminar without meal

“I thought I knew everything about dining etiquette, but I was wrong! I am amazed at all I learned in Kay’s Dine and Shine seminar. Not only was it fun, but now I have complete confidence when hosting my clients and friends, or when I am a guest.”

–R. Clark, Lawyer

DINE_SHINE_DrinkingIt’s tough to wine and dine without knowing which glass to use. Learning proper dining etiquette will keep the focus on guests, clients, and colleagues when hosting a business meal. It will also work to improve employee confidence, image, and success, and ultimately the success of your company. And it will be fun when learned through this interactive game show!

Employees will learn to conduct business with confidence at the dining table by understanding:

  • Dining dilemmas
  • Host responsibilities
  • Guest responsibilities
  • Strategic seating arrangementsDINE_SHINE_Business
  • Table settings
  • Proper utensil use
  • Clear and classy ways to invite a guest to lunch


Material is designed to benefit novice diners as well as seasoned connoisseurs. PowerPoint visuals, props, and handouts are used to enhance memory retention.

Business interactions are steadily moving from the office to the dining table. Ensure your employees aren’t left behind!