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If you’ve been dressing the same for years, how would an image consultant be helpful?

confidence with an image consultant for mature adults
Look great, feel amazing
When you wear clothes that fit well and make you feel fantastic, it shows in your demeanor, energy, and relevance
visibility with an image consultant for mature adults
Feel amazing, get noticed
When you put out positive energy and visual harmony, people are naturally drawn to you in a good way
value with an image consultant for mature adults
Get noticed, make an impact
When people are drawn to you, they treat you with a respect that increases your chance of success

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Meet Kay Hunter

meet kay hunter image consultant for adults over 40

Here at Kay Hunter Image: Ageless image consulting, I coach men and women like you to look relevant, feel great, and maximize success at any age, size, or income level, whether you’re presenting in the boardroom or boarding a plane to your next adventure. You are my peers and my specialty!

When you work with me, you’ll learn strategies that will help you look youthful and stylish, and have you feeling excited to get dressed each day. Take a look at my Image Services to see where to begin your next adventure, from personal shopping to vacation wardrobes. (The First Step is the quickest way to make a big impression.) I’d love to join your journey!

Call me at 310‑936‑1263 to live the image you’ve always imagined—today.

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Danny O'Neill

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of Kay is ‘extraordinary.’ My goal was to update and reimagine my image, and Kay took me through her insightful process where she looked deeply at my objectives and who I am. Both of those are now weaved into that reimagined image that is far beyond what I would have ever expected.”

–D. O’Neill, Sales Manager