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Kay Recommends for December 2020
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Keratin Gloves by Bodipure – I tried these moisturizing gloves when the pandemic started in March and we were washing our hands a million times a day. Now with the colder weather combined with the continued hand washing, I cannot … Read More

What Is the Perfect Holiday Gift? Saying Thank You!
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My mom always says, “The most important two words in the English language are thank you,” and I agree with her 100%! I have found people have gotten remiss and downright lazy about expressing thanks. It is amazing to me … Read More

Interview Thank You Note Writing Tips
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Have you ever realized, interviewing is a lot like the Cinderella fairytale? You dress up, go to the big event, show your best behavior, and hope the shoe fits at the end. You want to make a regal impression on … Read More