Power Protocol

Topics Include

Topics are customized around client needs and goals, and may include:

First impressions in business

Why business etiquette?

Handshakes, introductions, and remembering names

Business card exchange

Nonverbal communication

Networking and cocktail events

“Words to use” and “Words to lose”

Conversation skills

Visiting a client’s office

Receiving visitors (at doors, elevators, in office)

Hi-tech etiquette

Planning meetings, meeting protocol, and conference calls

Cubicle etiquette

Car, taxi, and limo etiquette

Travel and tipping etiquette

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Mike Sullivan

“I would highly recommend Kay to help your organization or business learn proper etiquette. You will notice your employees’ self-confidence in professional settings and business events. Your associates will appreciate the time and money you invest in them to present a professional image.”

–M. Sullivan, Business Development Manager