3 More Answers to Men’s Most Asked Image Questions

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Three MORE Answers to Men’s Most Asked Image Questions

Last year’s feature on Five Answers to Men’s Most Asked Image Questions was so popular, I wanted to share three more often-answered questions to help men look and feel their best!

  1. Should I wear my shirt tucked or untucked?
  2. This tiny detail can make you go from an A-player to “that guy who looked like a slob.” The answer seems simple, knowing whether to tuck in your shirt, but it’s not— on the one hand, you don’t want to look like an uptight nerd, but on the other, you don’t want to look like a slob. You also may simply want to be comfortable and not have a lot of fabric tucked into your jeans. Well there is a movement going on that is moving away from the grungy, oversized clothing of recent years toward a neater, more studied approach to dressing.

    The good news is, it’s not bad style to wear an untucked shirt, so long as you do it right. Consider these points in your decision:

    • Look at the shirt itself, the length and the hem. Rule One – Length: The ideal length for an untucked shirt is something that hits the middle of your back pocket or the bottom of your zipper fly. (Anything longer should be tucked.) Rule Two – Hem: If the shirt hem is even, it will probably do well untucked, but be careful when leaving a shirt with an uneven hem untucked. An uneven hem can look sloppy if the shirt is the wrong length or it is too baggy. You will already have a full look by wearing your shirt untucked, so make sure the shirt fits you well.
    • Consider your event. Charity gala? Job interview? Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time? Tuck in your darn shirt! Hint: If you’re not wearing a shirt that looks good when it’s tucked in, you’re probably underdressed for more upscale events. The same is true on the opposite end of the spectrum— you’ve earned the right to wear an untucked shirt to football games, bachelor parties, and pub crawls.

    As a final point, never untuck a shirt you’ve been wearing tucked in all day long, especially in a professional setting. You will look like a guy who hates his job, which is never the message you want to send with your ensemble!


  3. Watch or no watch?
  4. A big shift has occurred in the last few decades: Watches have all but disappeared from men’s wrists, as smartphones have made the watch suddenly seemed old-fashioned. But when it comes to image, a watch is the only accessory that a man can truly wear every day. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your unique personal brand! Different watch styles will send different messages about your lifestyle and personal brand, from an Apple Watch to a Breitling. Either way, your watch can become your signature piece, and you can build a collection to complement different outfits and occasions.


  5. Level with me, Kay—can moisturizer help my skin look better?
  6. Most male clients I work with want to look their best and as young as possible. But when I ask about their morning routine, they say, “I usually wake up, shower, brush my teeth, and walk out the door.” Something is missing, here! So I decided to ask my dermatologist what she recommends for men. She stressed the importance of keeping the skin moisturized and protected via sunscreen, as this wards off premature aging, stops wrinkles, and prevents skin cancer. And moisturizing adds so little time to your routine!

    I shared this information with my husband, as his routine is what I described above. He’s been wearing a moisturizer with built-in sun protection every day for the last two weeks, and he has noticed a huge difference in how his skin looks and feels. It’s not magic, but it is a subtle, yet noticeable improvement. His skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after he washes it, it’s noticeably softer and more supple, and the fine lines are much less noticeable.

    How to moisturize: After you’ve cleansed your skin in the morning and night, apply a face moisturizer for men. Applying in the morning will help your skin look refreshed to take on the day, and applying at night will help restore the skin to prevent aging. For a healthy and high-performing moisturizer, check out this month’s Kay Recommends.

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