Bringing Your Pet To Work: Some Tips

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Our pets are like members of our family. We love and care for them, and often take them with us to places we frequent. Your place of work is no exception. Having your dog join you at the office can be a powerful stress reliever.

You may see your co-workers best friends with them at the office, or you may even bring your own favorite companion with you. There are, however, some pet behavior basics to keep in mind if you decide to bring your pet along to work.

Bringing Your Pet To Work: Some Tips

1) Training: Your pet must be well behaved. A large breed of dog that jumps on visitors in greeting, a smaller breed that chases new people, or begs to be picked up and carried isn’t a good candidate for an office visit. It’s also very important that your dog is trained to obey the command, ‘stay.’ If you leave your immediate office for any reason, your dog getting up and wandering is unacceptable.

2) Woof!: Barking isn’t acceptable in a location where people are going to be on the phone or holding meetings. This holds true for whining as well. Some dogs are needier than others, and if you leave your office temporarily to collaborate with an office mate or use the restroom, your dog must have the ability to remain calm and quiet in your absence.

3) Hair: Pets shed hair. If you have your dog with you, be sure to clean up pet hair on your fabric surfaces, including your clothing. Going to an off-site dinner meeting with pet hair attached to you will send the wrong message to potential clients and business associates. This holds true even if you leave your pet at home. Cat or dog hair all over your suit looks sloppy. Invest in small lint rollers to keep in your desk and glove compartment for quick cleanups.

4) Allergies: A common courtesy before bringing your dog to work with you is to check with co-workers if they have allergies. If someone is sensitive to pet dander, be mindful of this before you bring your dog to work. A stress relieving companion for you can mean a miserable day for someone else in your office. It’s thoughtful and kind to investigate this prior to bringing your four-legged visitor to work.

5) Clean up: If you take your dog out for a quick walk break to let him or her take care of business, have a plan in place to dispose of the waste. It’s not the responsibility of the groundskeepers to clean up your dog’s mess.

As I stated before, an “office pet” can be a wonderful way to bring some stress relief to an office, but the image your dog displays in such a setting can reflect on you. Make certain that your pet is a positive reflection of your own personal image.

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