Interview With Susan Finch On SLMA Radio: Women In Business: Stop Embarrassing Yourself!

Interview With Susan Finch On SLMA Radio: Women In Business: Stop Embarrassing Yourself!

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I was recently interviewed on Sales Lead Management Association’s new regular radio segment, “Women In Sales and Marketing.” Read more about the new segment and my interview with Susan:

Los Angeles, CA – – January 22, 2013 – – James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced today that the association is devoting part of its successful SLMA internet radio programming to business women in sales and marketing.

SLMA Radio“Since SLMA Radio’s introduction in July of 2010,” Obermayer said, “we have had 135 CEO, CSO and CMO interviews. Programming of late has also had many subject-oriented programs that are “How-To’s.” Now we are dedicating broadcast time to women in sales and marketing because women make up the vast majority of the marketing positions in B2B and B2C companies.”


While we have had many women CEOs, CMOs, and CSOs on the program, the first “Women in Sales & Marketing” interview was with Jill Rowley of Eloqua and the subject was: Women in business and why they don’t take credit for their accomplishments. The second show was with Kay Hunter of Imagine the Possibilities: Image & Etiquette Services, and the subject was Women in Business: Your party image – stop embarrassing yourself. Our third guest wasRuth P. Stevens of e-marketing Strategy, who tackled the subject: Is self-employment for you? Mistakes to avoid!The host for the SLMA Women in Sales & Marketing segment is Susan Finch. Ms. Finch has been in public relations and marketing since 1984. She crossed over into web development in 1996 when the city of Anaheim, California needed a new website. She has continued combining marketing, public relations, advertising and social media to give her clients the full benefit of her experience.She’s a client advocate and gentle social media trainer who believes in giving clients full access to “their stuff” online. Susan has been a director for the SLMA since 2008, offering and implementing her ideas and solutions to best benefit the membership.

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