How To Make A Strategic Impact with Accessories

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I have found that many women are not using accessories to their best advantage. Many of my clients say, “I wear the same necklace and earrings every day” or “I don’t want to do it wrong, so I don’t wear accessories.” There is no reason to miss out on such an easy opportunity to look like you walked out of a magazine instead of disappearing into the background. Owning a few key accessories will provide these benefits:

  • Quick and cost effective way to stretch your wardrobe
  • Make a mundane outfit come alive
  • Hide figure challenges
  • Take a daytime outfit into the evening
  • Transform an inexpensive garment into an elegant statement

Accessorizing is not a science, it is an Art – have fun! Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

  1. Communicate Your Personal Brand Properly – Your necklace, earrings, and bracelet can communicate a range of messages. They can say “I am polished”, “I am creative” or “I am invisible” – and the list goes on. This is where the fun comes in from adding one strong piece and creating confidence all around you!
  2. Select Colors That Flatter You – Make sure the pieces you select work with your coloring – either warm (gold, coral, amber, orange or green-turquoise tones) or cool (silver, cream, black, blue-turquoise, purple tones). This is key to make sure the piece will coordinate with your entire wardrobe and flatter “you”! You should be the star – you never want the accessory piece to take over.
  3. Consider Your Proportion – When it comes to selecting jewelry it is helpful to consider your size and build. If you have a small frame, wearing a giant collar necklace may not be the best choice for you – as the necklace will be wearing you! Conversely, if you are a large frame woman a petite tiny necklace will completely disappear and make you appear larger.
  4. Quality vs. Quantity – All accessories are not created equal. Yes, pricey pieces typically exude quality and are wonderful investments. But, not all of us can afford a wardrobe of pricey selections. Plus, it’s fun to buy a few more trendy pieces each season to update your wardrobe. We never want to spend too much on these pieces because they will be transitioned out of your inventory more quickly. The Passionate Collector boutique offers a wonderful range of unique selections and pricing (more information below). I encourage you to not fall prey to an abundance of Forever 21 selections. If your accessories are poor quality, they will instantly take down your image.
  5. Balanced and Uncluttered – The best dressed women have an uncluttered and balanced appearance. The fashion image you want to achieve can be put together in a strategic manner using the right accessories. The “art of accessorizing” can spice up your wardrobe quickly and inexpensively! Less is always best, BUT don’t ignore the need for that “finishing touch.”

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