Professional Presence


Topics Include

How personal brand accentuates employee value

How clothing and accessory choices impact perception

Levels of dress from “business casual” to “business professional”

Physical and psychological impact of color

Top grooming secrets

The truth about body language

Handshake etiquette

Business card exchange

How to make proper introductions

How to make conversation and create a connection with guests, clients, and leadership

“Words to use” and “Words to lose”

A self-assessment of how to create each employee’s intended personal brand

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Greg Paulk

“Kay’s style of delivery is fun, informative, and non-threatening, which allows the audience to personalize her message without feeling defensive. It has been remarkable to see members of our organization put into practice her curriculum and tips, which has resulted in more confident associates to serve our guests.”

–G. Paulk, Senior Director of Human Resources