Investing in Quality Shoes? Invest in Quality Shoe Trees.

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Your appearance begins at your head and ends at your toes – this includes your shoes. Investing in a couple pairs of good business shoes is only the beginning. You need to also take care of those loafers, boots and heels. After you are finished for the day and are ready to kick off those shoes, the first thing you should do is to insert shoe trees. Not the plastic type, the cedar ones so they absorb perspiration and help your shoes 'cool down' and go back to their original shape. Wait until morning and it's too late. The wrinkles are in and your shoes start to take on that worn look. Don't forget to love them with some shine and moisture. Find the products that are ideal for your shoe or boot.

Some resources include:

Cedarville Store

Woodlore on

Remember, you don't need shoe trees for all of your shoes, you can rotate one or two pairs as you wear shoes. Put them in right away – when you take off your shoes is recommended.

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