Kay Recommends for May 2021

Kay Recommends for May 2021

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I personally would never have room to use wooden hangers, so I’ve found velvet hangers are great for saving space, plus they do not dig into the shoulders of your garments. Tough-to-hang garments like tank tops and boatneck blouses also won’t slide off!

ZOBER Non-Slip Velvet Hangers – These ultra-thin, space-saving velvet hangers hold up to 10 pounds and feature a 360-degree swivel hook.

Available at Amazon – $23 for 50 hangers


ZOBER Non-Slip Velvet Skirt/Slacks Hangers – These non-slip, space-saving velvet hangers treat your pants, slacks, and skirts with care. Chrome clips are adjustable for width, and vinyl tips on the inside protect clothing from unsightly marks.

Available at Amazon – $25 for 20 hangers

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