Kay Recommends for March 2017

Kay Recommends for March 2017

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Blue Eyeliner for Spring – I know some of you are thinking, Has Kay lost her mind? We wore blue eyeliner to the prom in the ’70s! (Well, I think that might have been blue eye shadow, and it was fun!) I want that playful pop of color when spring has sprung, and this is a fast and easy way to get it. Just select the shade that works for your color palette and have some fun—and if this is your first venture into something other than black or brown, enjoy the journey!




Art of Shaving’s Unscented Starter Kit – For two years I have been telling my husband about how great the Art of Shaving products are, and he said he is happy with his Gillette shaving cream. Well, while waiting in a Seattle airport last weekend, I coerced him into the store. The sales girl stepped right in and he was sold! Two days into his Starter Kit, he proudly came into my office and said, Feel my skin! Another very selective consumer very happy with the results of these products. Available at The Art of Shaving – $30 for a Starter Kit.

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