Kay Recommends for February 2014

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Kay Recommends for Women: Balance Your Body Shape

Dress for your SHAPE not your SIZE. The goal is about understanding your body proportion and creating a “balanced” look.

triangle-upWomen who are curvy on the bottom and smaller on the top:
Show off your waist; never hide your greatest asset. Wear clothes are cut diagonally or on the bias. Color blocking in the right places is a winner!





Women who have larger shoulders than hips:
Bring attention to your hips with fun prints and patterns. There are so many choices of cute pants, shorts and skirts this season with lots of color!




rectangleWomen whose hips and shoulders are balanced and they want to create a waistline or curves:
Look for scoop-neck and sweetheart tops that help create curves. Belt your waist to create more of an hourglass figure (a narrow to medium width is best). Select jackets that gently shape the waist versus a boxy style. Avoid square toed shoes and square shaped handbags.




Kay Recommends for Men:

Insert your belt through the left-side loops first, so that when done up, the spare end is on your left, too.

If you’re dressing business casual, you should match the metal buckle to your watch and the leather to your shoes.

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