What Is the Perfect Holiday Gift? Saying Thank You!

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My mom always says, “The most important two words in the English language are thank you,” and I agree with her 100%! I have found people have gotten remiss and downright lazy about expressing thanks. It is amazing to me that such simple words are often never expressed by people these days, even during a time when we could all use our spirits lifted. Yes, people are busy, but when someone takes the time to select a gift for you, spend their money, or do something thoughtful for you, please take the time to say thank you. I promise, you will make that person’s day—maybe even their week!

How and When to Say Thank You

Under what circumstances should I say thank you?

Whenever someone does something nice or thoughtful for you. Period.

Should I send a thank you note?

If you are able to say thank you in person, the rule of thumb is that you do not have to send a note. This means if you exchange gifts around the tree this holiday season, you can thank your brother in person and that is enough. But if you really want to let the person know you appreciate their thoughtfulness, it is lovely to write and mail a thank you. Or the next level down (but way nicer than nothing) is to write a nice text message or call them the next day or so.

Can I send an email or text versus writing a handwritten thank you note?

It depends. If a coworker does something extra for you, an email is appropriate. If someone has you over for dinner, a text the next day would be lovely. But if your grandmother sends you a gift of her special homemade fudge, the answer is no! Handwritten notes still have a warmth and finesse that a device screen does not have. So if you want to stand out and make a positive difference for someone, take the time to put pen to paper this holiday season and beyond.

What do I need to write a thankful note?

Thank-you note cards, postage stamps, a pen, and about five minutes of your time to write each note. Your note cards ideally would be nice quality and reflect something about your personal brand, but even a plain card is better than no card. I personally love gold and orange, so my note cards always include some aspect of this theme.

When should I send the note?

It is best to jot down your thoughts and say thank you while the act is fresh in your mind. One week is a good guideline, but better late than never does apply here. If you are planning to send an email or a text, the note should be written within 24 hours of the nice act.

How to Write a Thank You Note

What should I write in my thank you note?

How to write a thank you note—it’s a question I get asked quite often! A thank you note only needs to be three sentences, so make sure to keep it brief and stay on topic of the person and the nice act or gift.

  1. Express your thanks. The two most important words are thank you, so start with those!
    • Thank you so much for . . .
    • It made my day when I opened . . .
    • I’m so grateful you were there when . . .
  2. Include specific details. How do you plan to use or display the gift? Did someone comment on how great it is? This shows you really appreciate the thought that went into the gift.
    • Check out this picture of me wearing my new hat at the beach!
    • I’m excited to use the gift card to buy an espresso machine I’ve been eying.
    • The baby shower will make an amazing memory of celebrating with all my family and friends!
  3. Restate your thanks. Add additional details to rephrase your thanks.
    • Thanks again for your special gift! I know I will think of you whenever I wear it.
    • Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I’m so excited to up my coffee game! Let’s get together for breakfast soon.
    • We felt so blessed you could celebrate our wedding with us. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

In Conclusion

The holidays aren’t the only time when a handwritten thank you card means something extra special. (Handwritten thank you notes have great value for interviews and other business situations!) Just remember to give thanks this coming year and every year, and you’ll always give the perfect gift!

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