Business Etiquette and Holiday Cards

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This is business. This is not the time to show how “green” you are by sending mass emails with stock greetings. It’s not even about using Contant Contact, MailChimp and other systems to send your holiday greetings to your valued clients and suppliers. This is the time of year to show appreciation individually.

Here’s some advice, take the time to buy a box or five of tasteful business holiday greeting cards, unless you truly know your clients and suppliers understand your humor. Are you sure they do? You can’t go wrong with professional greeting cards. If you choose the religious themed cards, make sure you are sensitive to your clients and suppliers who may not believe as you do – try something a little more generic such as a theme of gratitude, peace, world peace, unity, winter.

Also, there should be someone in your company with nice penmanship. Hand-addressing each envelope is preferred over labels. Some of us barely have legible writing, and in the case of one-person companies, you have to do your best. A friend of mine opts for pre-printed return addresses on her envelopes to ensure that any returns come back to her. She’s aware of her less than legible penmanship. She does hand address each person’s address and the greetings inside. We’ll keep our fingers crossed they all make it to their intended recipients.

The message should be focused on appreciation and the holidays, not plugging your product. Do not simply sign your name, if you do this, you might as well not send a card. Resist the urge to insert postcards and brochures, business cards. It will undo the message of the holiday greeting.

Oh, and go the last extra mile and purchase holiday stamps rather than using the postage meter. Create the festive mood from the moment they hold your card and read the envelope.

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