“Do You Really Want to Know How You Look?”

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“Do You Really Want to Know How You Look?”

A Personal Account of Dressing to Your Colors

When I first met Ryan, I told him in the nicest way possible that his image needed help. His colors washed out his skin tone, and the way he wore them clashed with his professional image. And although I delivered this blow with a supportive smile, it was still hard to hear! (And to be fair, he did ask me how he looked.) Now he says, “I wish I would have met with my new image consultant years ago.” And it all began with a Color Analysis.

“I honestly wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it myself.”


What happens in a Color Analysis? You learn how to control color to your benefit. See, when you dress with the knowledge of your personal color palette, you enhance your facial features, heighten your confidence, and attract success by using color to send intentional messages. In Ryan’s case, his wardrobe wasn’t doing him any favors. But he didn’t realize until the “draping” revealed which colors popped him out and which washed him out. Then we selected a take-home fabric palette representing his best colors. Now Ryan says shopping has been easy: “I literally won’t buy anything, from a suit to a bathing suit, that is not an exact match to one of the colors on my little fan.”

“The image consultant that helped save my life.”

Since his Color Analysis, Ryan says, “Ever since I’ve been conscious of my colors, I’ve received numerous compliments on how I look and how I dress. The faster you know [your color palette], the better you can avoid the mistakes that I did of building a closet full of clothes that looked terrible on me.” He says I’m “the image consultant that helped save [his] life,” and that makes me smile. At least I helped save his wardrobe!

For a personal look at what goes on during a Color Analysis, read Ryan’s account at TechDay.

The Color Analysis—together with a Personal Brand Assessment, Mini Closet Audit, and more—is part of The First Step toward creating a purposeful image that maximizes your potential for success!

  • Color Analysis: Make an impact with color! Discover your personal color palette as you see which colors work on you and which don’t. When you dress with the knowledge of your personal color palette, you will enhance your facial features, maximize your wardrobe dollars, heighten your confidence, and attract success. You will learn both the physical and psychological impressions you can make with color. Steer great wardrobe choices with a take-home fabric palette representing your best colors.

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