Five Tips to Outclass Your Competition in 2014

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Does your Personal Brand Image project at a C+, B+ or an A+ level? Let’s face it; we all desire to be an A+. The truth is people by nature desire to succeed and be their best. Unfortunately, many people put in the effort but they just lack the knowledge or tools to get the A+ results. The good news is that “small changes can produce big results”! You create a first impression every day, and you must know how to present a professional and consistent image in order to outclass your competition and be your best. It’s a new year to take stock – especially in you! Make the Personal Brand you project, one of your projects for 2014.

1. Be On Time – Stop blaming the traffic for being late for meetings or lunch appointments. Studies show, most people underestimate how long it takes to do a task by 30%, so plan accordingly. If you are running late, make sure you call or text an accurate arrival time – always best to under promise and over deliver. Bottom line, being late is disrespectful to your guest, client or friends.

2. Practice Your Conversation Skills A lot of people think that being a good conversationalist means being an extrovert or being chatty, but the art of conversation is actually about being able to ask great questions, and then listening to the answers. Ask questions that start with “who, what, when, how, why, and where” and you will get a much better response instead of asking questions that elicit only a yes or no response. It is also helpful to read or listen to the headline news each day, and then use the key topics as conversation starters. Conversations should flow like a Ping-Pong game; they should go back and forth.

3. Wear Your Color Palette In this time of tightened resources, we all need a strategy for consistently looking great. Don’t go into your closet blind – find out if the blue to flatter “you” is teal, sapphire, or powder by getting a professional Color Analysis ( If you only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, this information will save you time, money, and frustration!

4. Groom Your Fingernails Frayed cuticles and hangnails are all too common this time of year. Regular manicures would be ideal, but in an effort to save money, simply apply cuticle cream to your nails. Try Elon Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner ( for your cuticles and Nailtiques #2 for soft, peeling, or weak nails at (

5. Tie a Perfect Knot Since so much of a man’s look is in the details, wearing a perfectly tied tie is a subtle way to speak volumes. Every man should be able to tie a four-in-hand (smaller knot) and half-Windsor (larger knot). The proper knot is the one which fills the tie space of the collar appropriately. For an instructional diagram on how to tie a tie click here. Of course, selecting the “right” tie that represents your Personal Brand and works with your coloring is also very important.

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