12 Makeup and Hair Tricks to Instantly Look Younger

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Now that video conferencing is a regular part of our lives, it seems everyone is searching for a way to show off their most vibrant and illuminating image, with a youthful glow that will translate on camera. This is especially true as that little “self-view” box shows us more of ourselves than we are used to seeing in one day. So I got motivated and looked at myself in a real mirror, and realized I had gotten a bit complacent with my beauty (?) routine. Six months have passed since our lives all changed, and I feel that the additional stress is adding years to my face.

Understandably, it’s tough to feel lifted, physically or emotionally, when we are feeling so much extra stress. For me, the “not knowing” is the worst: not knowing what is next with the pandemic, not knowing how best to keep my parents safe, and heck, not even knowing what to fix for dinner again! This is why I selected this topic right now: whether we are back at the office or holding meetings on Zoom, I think we could all use a little pick-me-up to make us feel refreshed, and to just plain feel good about ourselves!

12 Makeup and Hair Tips That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger

1. Groom and shape your brows

Eyebrows have become the new “it” feature now we have to wear masks everywhere. Our eyebrows are the only feature that shows, and are used to frame the expression in our eyes. Eyebrows should not be an afterthought! If you tweeze too much, you’ll have no frame, especially since eyebrows begin to thin out and droop as we get older. Luckily, you can emphasize your brows’ natural shape with an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches your hair color or roots. I like Laura Mercier Sketch & Intensify Pomade and Powder Brow Duo. Not only will creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows keep your face looking youthful, it will complement the rest of your features. It is also best to find a professional to shape your brows. Then you can simply maintain them by plucking the strays with a good pair of tweezers.

2. Curl your eyelashes

Curled lashes instantly open up your eyes, making you look younger and more rested. When we are about 35 years old, our lashes tend to get flatter and less luscious. Curling your lashes may seem old fashioned, but it really makes a big difference! There are tons of different ways to curl your lashes, whether you purchase a curler at the drugstore, invest in a heated curler, or get a lash perm (yes, you can actually get a lash perm, but it can dry out your lashes). No matter which option you choose, sweep on your favorite volume-enhancing mascara for the ultimate finishing touch—just don’t put it on before you curl!

3. Moisturize and use vitamin C serum

Applying daily serums, creams, and lotions will make a big difference in preserving your face’s delicate skin. That’s because hydration keeps your skin in tip-top condition and can help cells repair themselves at lightning speed. By adopting this habit early on, you’re less likely to develop tons of wrinkles than you would with a drier face. When shopping for a moisturizer, keep your eyes peeled for hydrating ingredients like: Hyaluronic Acid: one of the most effective hydrating ingredients, which delivers moisture without clogging pores; and, Vitamin C Serum: moisturizes skin while providing antioxidant benefits known to protect skin from damaging environmental stressors, and helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love to add moisture during the day with a spritz of hydrating mist. It is great to use midday to freshen up your face, or you can use it to set your makeup in the morning. I use Beautycounter Counter+ Brightening Facial Mist.

4. Use a brown or navy eyeliner versus black

Lining your eye will make your eyes pop, but it might be time to toss out that black eyeliner. Although black can add a dramatic flair to many makeup looks, it can also be a little intense, and actually make you look older. Instead, try adding a dark brown or navy liner to your repertoire. It has the same intensity as black, but is more subtle and won’t take over your face or make you look older. Lining just the top lid will keep everything moving upward, versus closing down the eye with heavy undereye lining. Gel liners are great as they are soft to apply but also stay in place all day.

5. Lighten your lips

Over time, your lips begin to thin out and look less defined. So although a dark lip may make your pout look on trend, the deep hue will only enhance signs of age and make your lips look thinner. For a fuller look, it is best to use a neutral shade (cool or warm depending on your color palette), or you can enjoy a brighter shade, again in a shade that complements your skin tone.

6. Select the right foundation

Foundation coverage is another personal choice that is very important to looking youthful. Unfortunately, finding the proper shade for your skin is a matter of trial and error, so be sure to test the foundation on both your face and neck. Too light and you’ll look chalky, but too dark and your face will appear heavy or cakey. When in doubt, go with less coverage and add a dab of concealer where you might need a little extra coverage. A good tinted moisturizer is a great option for those of you that do not desire too much coverage.

7. Use a cream blush

A bit of blush will add instant warmth to your cheeks, but it’s important to choose the right formula and to apply it correctly. A cream blush works better with most skin types, especially dry skin, plus it’s extremely easy to blend. To get your color in the right place, start at the apple of your cheeks and sweep your blush up and back–think the Nike swoosh. You do not want to look like a clown with round cheeks!

8. Line your lips

Your natural lip line begins to fade as you get older, which it makes it more difficult to keep your lipstick from creeping south. Lip liner will keep your pout looking polished, and can also accentuate your lips’ natural shape. Opt for a shade lighter than your signature lipstick, or choose a clear liner, which goes with every shade. One of my favorites is Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in nude beige.

9. Add a highlighter

Highlighters can be a bit intimidating, and for good reason. If you end up with one that is glittery or has too much sparkle, you will look like a snow globe! When used properly and with the right product, it will definitely turn the clock back a few years. Highlighter adds a very subtle, youthful, and pretty dimension to your features. Apply at a minimum to the top of (not on) your cheekbones and brush above your brow bone, to the very bottom of your jawline and to your décolletage (if it is showing).

10. Consider lightening your hair

Dark hair against a light scalp can make thinning hair more visible. The shadows dark hair casts on your skin will also accentuate wrinkles. Two to three shades lighter will make all the difference to you’re your face. Platinum hair color is quite in now and is a modern way to make gray hair look updated.

11. Cut bangs

Bangs are quick change that usually make people look younger. It’s not the same as going from shoulder-length to pixie cut, but it’s still a hair commitment! So make sure you feel good about the idea of bangs by covering your forehead with your hand in the mirror, then taking your hand away. Did you like how you would look with your forehead covered?

12. Embrace your grays

Gray hair is gorgeous, especially when it is vibrant gray hair. You never want your hair to look yellow or dull. Go for a shining silver with products that contain shine enhancers and UV filters. If your hair is more than half gray, try a shampoo with blue or violet undertones to neutralize any yellow. But if your hair is all white, your best bet is to go blonde!

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