How often do I need to dry clean my clothes?

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Dry cleaning is very hard on your clothes, and it is best to only take items to the cleaners when they are soiled. It is not necessary to dry clean after every wearing – except for dress shirts, if you have worn a shirt all day, it needs to be cleaned and pressed. To get the most wearings out of your clothing hang up each item and let it air for several hours, out of the closet. The closet does not provide enough ventilation for the odors to dissipate. Then, with good lighting (and glasses on if needed) inspect the items for any stains.

If you are stink free and stain free, the item is ready to be returned to your closet. If the item is slightly wrinkled, tumble it in a cool dryer for 10 minutes to freshen it up. Purchasing a steamer will also save you a lot of money. According to fabric-care expert Steve Boorstein – “Clothing Doctor”, 33% of clothes taken to the dry cleaner simply need to be pressed. You can steam at home and save!

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