Make a Great First Impression With Business Card Etiquette

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Your business card and the etiquette of the exchange are key components to making a positive first impression. This custom is like a handshake you leave behind. Follow these five tips and you will enhance your professional presence!

  1. Do not deal out your business card like a deck of playing cards – Doing so may make you appear too eager or pushy. Wait until the other person asks for your card, or say, “May I give you my card?” The only exception is when you enter a meeting or are introducing yourself to a receptionist – then it is customary to offer your card immediately.
  2. Present your card with the print facing the recipient – The other person should not have to turn it around to read it. When you receive their card, take time to look at the card and make a comment versus simply sticking it in your pocket, (i.e. “I see your office is located nearby”).
  3. Do not give out a business card that is soiled or out-of-date – Your card is a reflection of “you” – make sure your card is in excellent condition and contains correct information.
  4. Carry your cards to all business events – Also, carry a supply when you attend social events where business opportunities may develop. Make sure they are easily accessible.
  5. Carry your cards in a nice case – Nothing is worse than having someone pull out a stack of business cards wrapped in a big rubberband.

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