Nine Dated Beauty Habits to Ditch

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Ageless beauty: That’s what this site is all about—looking and feeling your best at 40, 50, 60, and beyond. And since your smiling face is one of the first things people notice about you, looking your best as you mature is going to mean reexamining your beauty routine. Your usual bag of beauty tricks may not be so magical for your mature skin, and may be adding years to your look. It’s time to ditch those dated beauty habits!

These tips on how to best wear each item in your beauty bag will help you revitalize your image to reflect how great you feel inside!

Ditch These Nine Dated Beauty Habits


You may have noticed your head hair changing with age, but did you know your eyelashes change too? Mature eyelashes become shorter, sparser, and drier. So it’s time to use those eyelash curlers and brushes to add definition. Wear black mascara to brighten the whites of your eyes, which often get less white with age. Try two coats of lengthening mascara to add fullness while minimizing clumping or flaking. Also, concentrate on the top lids; lower-lash mascara can draw attention to undereye darkness, but if you’re set on lengthening those lower lashes, a good workaround is to coat them in whatever is left on the wand after you coat your top lashes.

Eyebrow Pencil

Your eyebrows may be getting lighter and sparser, too, but the right eyebrow can take years off your look. An eyebrow pencil or tinted brow gel in a shade or two darker than your hair color can better define your brows and frame your eyes. Using a brush for application is very important for a natural look.


You may love your liquid eyeliner, but those harsh, black lines will make your eyes look smaller now, not larger. A creamy eye pencil brushed or smudged around your eyes will give you a softer look. Also opt for an earthier color, like a brown or charcoal liner, to look more natural against your skin tone.


Dark circles, age spots, and wrinkles—they all get more pronounced as skin ages and thins. You may be tempted to cover up with a heavy concealer, but think again! Heavy concealer will settle into fine lines and can actually draw attention to the spots you’re trying to cover, especially if you choose the wrong shade. So keep concealer light, and go with a cream concealer applied with a brush. Whatever you do, don’t roll on the concealer stick!


Remember that thinning skin bringing out your undereye darkness? It’s also bringing out the redness in your complexion (hello, blood vessels!). As with any other heavy makeup, a liquid foundation will settle into and emphasize lines. A cream-based foundation or even a tinted moisturizer will be lighter on your skin. A beauty-blending sponge or makeup brush will also help to achieve that airbrushed finish we all desire.


You don’t want to highlight a reddening complexion with red, maroon, or ’80s-bright fuchsia blush. Try a softer coral or peach shade, or a rosy or light pink that matches your skin tone. A cream blush can add a dewy finish to dry skin. And because the apples of your cheeks tend to migrate downward with age, apply your blush in upward strokes at the highest point of your cheekbones.


Some strategically placed powder can help combat the oily chin, forehead, and nose that can crop up with changing hormones. Try a light, transluscent powder brushed sparingly on any challenging areas. Just don’t dab your regular powder under your eyes, even to set a concealer, because it will emphasize fine lines! To help set undereye concealer, use a brightening powder designed specifically for under the eyes.


As lips age, they get less plump and perky. Dark or metallic lipsticks, as well as scarlet reds, will make your pout look even smaller. Instead, go for the peach or pink shades (appropriate for your skin tone) of a sheer lipstick, for a softer look. Or if you like a more distinct look, an all-day lipstick will stay in place better and is less likely to creep into the fine lines. Keep lip gloss near your Cupid’s bow (and away from the corners) for the best definition.

Lip Liner

Your lips may become less defined as you age, which means your lipstick is more likely to feather or bleed into fine lines around your mouth. A lip liner can help that color stay put! Apply your liner before your lipstick, tracing your natural lip line in a neutral shade or the same shade as your lipstick. (Also ditch that old advice to go a shade darker than your lipstick.)

In Conclusion: Nine Dated Beauty Habits to Ditch

You can feel more confident, visible, and valued by expressing yourself through style and fashion, and yes, your beauty routine! But if you’ve had the same beauty routine for years, and you’d like to talk about a great new look for YOU, a makeup consultation might be in order.

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