How to Dress in Your 40s (for Men)

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Image and style tips for mature and middle-aged men in their 40s

Great style is ageless! But your best styling will change as your body ages and changes. This is exactly the time to re-evaluate your image! Mature men who strategically enhance their social presence and appearance as they age increase their confidence, visibility, and value, and invite greater success for themselves and their loved ones. And as a mature man in your 40s, your ageless style is all about rocking the right color palette, on-brand accessories, and the perfect fit.

How to look your best in your 40s

  1. If it doesn’t flatter you, get rid of it.

    The trendy, slim-fit styles that looked good in your 20s and 30s may be downright unflattering now. It will come as no surprise that when middle-aged adults have wardrobe challenges, it’s usually with fit and dated style. Fortunately when life changes, you can update your clothes to meet those challenges. So get rid of those relics that don’t work for you anymore. Invest in classic, timeless pieces that will look great years from now. And to maximize your wardrobe’s efficiency, consider scheduling a Closet Audit & Wardrobe Consultation to create a classic, ageless, and fully functional closet.

  2. Don’t assume you need a bigger size—you may need a different fit.

    A common change with men in their 40s is that as their metabolism slows, they begin to develop a bit of a tummy. And unless you’re dedicated to gym, you may start becoming a little thicker all over. If you’ve stopped wearing some items due to fit, a skilled tailor can help you can reignite their usefulness by letting out a few seams. You may also find that instead of sizing up on jeans, you should swap your skinnies or slim-fits for a solid straight-leg pant.

  3. Choose a great haircut.

    Shaved sides and mohawks? The hairstyle and color that worked on you years ago may not be flattering or fashionable today. And as you age, your hair can get grayer, rougher, thinner, shorter, finer, and tougher to style. The good news is, there’s an ideal haircut and color—both on your head and on your face—for your hair type, personal style, goals, and lifestyle.

  4. Invest in well-made accessories that reflect your personal brand.

    Until now, your toughest accessories choice has been dress watch or Apple Watch. But as your wardrobe style stabilizes, your accessories can easily change up your outfit, add visual interest, and show off your winning personal brand. You’ll want to start giving thought to ties, pocket squares, and scarves; cufflinks and tie clips; sunglasses, wallets, and belts; and hats beyond baseball caps. And great accessories don’t just go on your body—you can also invest in quality luggage as part of your professional travel wardrobe, and business accessories that project a confident and balanced look as part of your intentional personal image. In today’s competitive job market, even the smallest detail—such as a quality pen—can give you an edge!

  5. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and now it’s time to enjoy your success. Dressing your best in your 40s means showing the best version of yourself through timeless, age-appropriate choices that complement your coloring, body proportions, lifestyle, and goals. Plus you’ll look and feel awesome! Are you ready to become your best?

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