Step Into Spring With Style

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Days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer – Spring is upon us! With the shift in season comes the all-important, perhaps daunting chore of Spring cleaning and the wardrobe overhaul. Have no fear; I am here to guide you through the closet clutter only to come out promoting your professional presence. Remember, de-cluttering your life lends to de-stressing which allocates more room for elevating your success. Let’s get started!

Keep it Professional. Sure, the temperatures are rising and the layers are lessening but that does not excuse wearing unprofessional or too casual of clothes in the workplace. Remain mindful of the hem lengths of sleeves and skirts. Men, it is great to show your “guns” or biceps, but ensure your sleeve length is not too short. The other end of the spectrum are the men who select the Tommy Bahama type skirt who wear the sleeves too long. Nothing will age you faster than a sleeve that is hitting where your arms bends. Women, we need to consider if sleeveless tops and dresses are appropriate for our office environment and for our particular arms. Jackets should still be worn as warranted or required in the office, ladies and gentlemen, but opt for a lighter, more breathable material. Spaghetti-straps and tank tops should still be saved for weekend wear.

Be not Afraid of Color. Spring is the perfect time to introduce a pop of color into your outfits. Adding color is also a wonderful way to display your personality and creativity without outwardly saying this is who I am and what I think. You should be mindful and cautious of what message you are sending with the color palette of your wardrobe. Of course you don’t want to look like you are attending a funeral everyday but you also don’t want to look like an Easter egg! Finding an appropriate balance of color that compliments your skin tone and expresses your Personal Brand is the key.

If you are unaware or unsure of your specific individual color palette, not all shades are created equally, let’s book your Color Analysis session.

Accessories are your Friend. Accompanying color, a statement necklace or interesting tie could be the perfect way to incorporate a pop of Spring appropriately. Accessories are another great way to show off your individuality without being too “loud.” Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural features not distract from your capabilities. Also, be mindful of colors within accessories including whether you should wear silver or gold – these should adhere to your specific color palette as well.

Plan Ahead. One good habit I have adopted over the years is planning my outfits ahead of time. Rather than shuffling through your closet in the morning, lay out your entire ensemble the night before. This will reduce your morning stress and optimize your confidence throughout the day. Also, if you are like me, I have a few favorite outfits and I want to wear them more often than others. However, often times I can’t remember when the last time I wore it! For the sake of avoiding a repeat offender, another good habit is labeling the hanger when the last time you wore the outfit or simply turn the hanger around to face the other way. Also, keeping a calendar on your closet wall and writing down what you wear each day is another great trick. Choose whatever system works for you to ensure that you are prepared and dressing yourself for success!

Spring Clean:
Since it is Spring this is the time of year to edit your closet and move the winter items to the side or another location and move your warmer weather clothes to the forefront. Instead of just shuffling clothes you never wore this winter around; please take the time to Spring Clean your closet. Admittedly, this is not an easy task to do alone. It is hard to be brutal with yourself and make the tough decisions. If I can assist you, let me know. We will make the tough decisions and identify which key items you need to fill in the gaps for the warmer months ahead and create a shopping list. We will also shop in your closet and find new ways to incorporate pieces you are not wearing. Your clothes will be organized to save you time dressing and increase your clothing options. My client last week wrote me the next day and said “dressing is so much easier, I have more options and it took me half the time!”.

This is a tricky time of year to maintain your Professional Presence because the more skin we show the less important we appear. Please remember business first, casual second.

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