Summer BBQ Etiquette Q&A

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Q: I was at a company BBQ last July 4th and was so embarrassed when I flipped a mushroom off the kabob I was trying to eat and it landed in our CEO’s lap! Is there an easy way to get the food off the skewer? ~Angela

A: Angela, well the good news is he will never forget you! I trust you simply smiled and quickly said you were sorry. Accidents are inevitable and handling them with confidence and ease will win you brownie points. This being said, let’s help you ensure it doesn’t happen again. You should first use a fork to slide the food off the skewer onto your plate. Hold the skewer at an angle against your plate; use your fork to push the bottom two pieces off. Repeat this until all the pieces are on your plate. If the pieces are sticking to the skewer, twisting the skewer will loosen up the pieces. Then enjoy and eat with your knife and fork.

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