5 Tips: How to Select the Perfect Sunglasses for YOU

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Sunglasses are considered a necessity by some – and a fashion statement by others. Sunglasses are essential for preventing sun damage to your eyes. At the same time, they can improve your vision and help you make a unique fashion statement! Selecting the perfect pair can be tricky and quite frustrating. It is not good enough to simply select the most popular style out this season – there are important personal characteristics that need to be considered. Read on, to make sure your investment is perfect for your face, coloring and personal brand.

  • Select Eyeglasses That Fit Your Face Shape: The shape of your face is important when selecting and fitting the correct sunglass. There are several general face shapes: square, oval, round, diamond, rectangle and triangle. Take a few minutes to identify your face shape and the corresponding frame shape.
    • SQUARE FACE: Try to add length to your face by selecting sunglasses that are rounded and that are not as wide as the widest part of your face. This will tend to bring in the appearance of a broad jaw line.
    • OVAL FACE: The oval face shape is the easiest to fit as the face is symmetrical. Make sure that the frame you select is proportionate to your face.
    • ROUND FACE: Select frames that have angular lines to sharpen and add definition to a round face shape. Rectangular sunglasses frame shapes will look good on you.
    • DIAMOND FACE: Frames that add width above the cheekbone will compliment the diamond shaped face. Oval frames or rimless styles work well.
    • RECTANGLE FACE: Similar to the square shaped face with a slightly longer face length. Big sun glasses and round frame shapes will fit you. Try to select frames that will add width to the face.
    • TRIANGLE FACE: It is best to add width in the eye area to offset the chin area. This will add symmetry and balance.
  • Select Frames That Match Your Coloring: Consider the color of your hair, eyes, and skin, before you select a frame. Skin that has a yellowish tone is considered “warm”, while skin that is bluish or olive is considered “cool”. Warmer tones should select gold, copper, tortoise shell, or brown tones. Cooler tones should select silver, platinum, black, or blue tones.
  • Pick Your Lens Based On Your Activities: Polarized lenses filter the glare that reflects from horizontal surfaces, making your eyes more comfortable when you’re driving, out on the water, or playing sports. Contrary to what you might think, light does not travel in a straight line – it bounces back and forth from one reflective surface to another which causes glare, especially from glass, water, shiny green grass and even white sand (i.e. sand traps and the beach). Polarized lenses permit only vertical light rays to pass through them, not horizontal, and thus they reduce glare. If you are active, polarized lens are certainly worth the extra dollars they cost.
  • Size Does Matter: Although, sunglasses styles are intended to be larger than reading glasses, they still need to be in proportion to your face and head size. They should not extend too far beyond your temples. If you have a smaller head and face, you will need smaller frames to create balance (otherwise you will look like a mosquito!). If you have a larger head and face, select a larger frame (otherwise you will look like you have a buffalo head!).
  • Select Frames That Fit Your Personal Brand: If your brand is traditional, you will want a frame that is discrete and has a classic styling. If your brand is creative, you will want a frame that says “I am different”. If your brand is dramatic, you will want a frame that stands out and draws attention. If your brand is sporty, you want a frame that is functional. Your glasses say a lot about you. Make sure the message is consistent with your personal brand.

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