Exercise Keeps Your Brain Younger

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Today’s mature adult lifestyle is all about an active and healthy image. You’re not about to slow down now! Good thing, because an active lifestyle might just be the fountain of youth for body and brain.

Exercise keeps your brain younger

A recent university study followed 65 adults, aged 55 to 80, as they began a walking regimen. In the beginning, some of them could barely walk! So the group started small: 40-minute strolls, three times a week. At the end of six months, the participants felt fitter and faster, as expected of an exercising body. But their minds were also fitter and faster as their brain connectivity made big improvements. That’s great, because aging results in a loss of coordination between regions of the brain, impacting skills like multitasking, decision-making, and problem-solving. Who knew six months of strolls could build sharper memories and better focus?

Inactivity prematurely ages your brain

Now, consider another study of 3,000 participants over 25 years, following how TV habits impact brain function. Participants who watched TV for three hours a day with little exercise suffered worse midlife executive function; that is, their mental skills like time management, focus, and attention to detail, were worse than the skills of their more active peers. And of course, the authors point out that it’s not the TV itself that impairs brain function, it’s that the participants were sitting on the couch instead of going for a stroll. All that Netflix will come back to bite you someday!

Your active adult lifestyle

So the moral of the story is, a healthy and active adult lifestyle can keep your brain and body younger and fitter. So why not use that lifestyle to live life to the fullest and do the things you’ve always wanted to? One of those things could be dressing as a reflection of how fantastic you feel. And if you can feel more confident, visible, and valued by expressing yourself through style and fashion, why wouldn’t you?

Try using these style tips to complement your active adult lifestyle:

  • Sporty style (which speaks to vitality and youthfulness) may be your best style as you age!
  • Try not to sacrifice style for comfort, because you can put together outfits that combine both.
  • Casual or sporty dress is not an opportunity to look sloppy.
  • Fit is always important! Not too tight and not too baggy.
  • Remember the goal is to look natural and healthy. Now get out there and live it!

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I’m Kay Hunter, Orange County image consultant for men and women over 40. I transform mature professionals, active adults, and seniors into more successful and confident versions of themselves. By expressing yourself through style and fashion, you’ll get that boost of confidence, visibility, and value you need to get to the next level. Enhance the joy of living—because great style is ageless!

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