Five Tips for Men With Thinning Hair

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If you’re battling thinning, receding, or just plain changing hair, you’re not alone. By the age of 50, more than 50 percent of men are seeing thinner hair in the mirror. This number climbs to 80 percent of men by age 70. Doctors can’t explain why hormonal shifts cause hair follicles to shrink, or why balding follows the same pattern in most men, starting with a thinning hairline above the temples and crown.

We can’t explain why hair thins as we age, but we can combat it with these tools and tips for men with thinning hair.

Five Tips for Men With Thinning Hair

  1. Shorten your sides. Some men try to combat thinning hair by growing hair longer, or going for an even-length cut. This actually makes thinning hair more noticeable! Choosing a haircut with shorter sides and a longer top will draw attention to the sides and away from a thinning or receding top.
  2. Texturize. You want to avoid those slicked, strand-perfect styles that will make any thin patches look out of place. Try asking your stylist to add texture to your hair, and then opt for a messier, more abstract style.
  3. Lighten up on the products. You already know if you have thin or fine hair that tons of product will weigh down your hair. (Hello, scalp!) This goes for gel, mousse, and even conditioner. Use product sparingly and apply it evenly, and remember that you’ll likely need less than you may have used in the past, so double-check your first dispensing. If you have a receding hairline, make sure you don’t have more product caked in the front. Good products to try: a light-weight hair clay or paste.
  4. Try matte products. Matte-finish products are often lighter than shiny, high-hold products, so they’re less likely to weigh down thinning hair.
  5. Blow dry. Even if you’ve never blown your hair dry in your life, see what happens when you do. If your hair is thin, take a low heat setting to damp-dry hair. Add volume by blowing at the roots, against the hair’s grain.

Worth a shot? The jury is still out on products that claim to offer the appearance of thicker hair. (Remember Ron Popeil and his spray-on hair? Products have come a long way since ‘90s infomercials.) Toppik is a top-rated brand of hair building fibers and thickeners. Depending on your type of and degree of hair thinning, you might test similar products for yourself, or you can watch this video of men testing the thickener spray and the building fibers.

What hair cut, color, and style are right for you? Skip the guesswork and schedule a Hairstyle Consultation. You’ll get an informed recommendation for the ideal haircut and color to suit your specific hair type, personal style, goals, and lifestyle. Then it’s off to my trusted hairstylist to receive your transformation.

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