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Mature, career-minded professionals value the education they receive, the way they dress, the way they speak, and some even put a great deal of thought into their business accessories. Believe it or not, business accessories act like any other accessories. They can be used to elevate wardrobes and reflect personal brands. Choosing the right business accessories will project a confident and balanced look as part of an intentional personal image. And in today’s competitive job market, even the smallest detail—such as a quality pen—can give you an edge.

Let’s see what these well-selected business accessories can communicate about your personal brand.


In an age dominated by tech gadgets, a pen can still make a potent statement. A good pen displays quality and integrity, so purchasing one might just provide you with the edge you need to get ahead. As nice as a Mont Blanc or Vision Point pen might be, there are plenty of other great options that do not have to break the budget.

  • A fancy fountain pen oozes quality and is downright fun to look at.
  • A high-end classic rollerball such as the Visconti Impressionist Van Gogh Rollerball Pen can also impress. This is the grand poobah of pen selections, but just like clothing, its value must be calculated in its cost per use. If you appreciate the artistic genius of Van Gogh, you will definitely appreciate the painstaking reproduction work put into this writing implement, plus it makes for a great conversation starter.
  • A cross pen is also a great choice, just make sure you’re using one of these gorgeous updated styles, and not that 10K gold version you got as a college graduation gift. A solid option: the Cross Tech3+ Multifunction Pen in Satin Black. This updated pen also works as a pencil and as a stylus for electronic gadgets, making it the perfect multi-tool for the person on the go. The price is very reasonable, especially considering its multi-tasking genius.

Something to Write On: A Portfolio With Notepad or a Tech Gadget

There are many high-tech ways to take notes in a meeting. If this tactic works best for you, simply notify the meeting leader ahead of time so they do not think you are texting or playing Fortnite. On the flip side, a notepad is an effective way to take notes without distracting people the way a smartphone or laptop might, plus when you carry your notepad in an attractive portfolio, you get another accessory to showcase your professional presence. Ensure the portfolio is in good order and not scuffed or worn. Decide if your personal brand dictates a black or brown selection or a fun color.

Carriers: Backpack, Briefcase, or Tote

Backpacks have cleverly adapted to business purposes, finding style and substance, and becoming staples in boardrooms. While backpacks offer utility and hands-free flexibility, a bag worn over a man’s clothes can ruin the line of his tailoring or compromise his silhouette. Similarly, a heavy bag can do a suit no justice, but it can all depend on the aesthetic. You can find some business-friendly, elevated backpack options out there, in leather or patterned fabrics with attractive hardware.

What a briefcase lacks in practicality it makes up for in style and authority. This tried-and-true accessory of a suit-and-tie office gives off an impression of professionalism and maturity, and can be an empowering accessory to carry. For a more relaxed version of a slimline briefcase, try a flap-over briefcase or attaché, which is professional, smart, and takes itself just seriously enough.

For women, a tote is a third option. When sized correctly (not too big), you can carry the tote into your meeting. Place a very small handbag inside for your lipstick and credit card, so you can take it out when you go out to lunch or dinner.

The carrier you choose depends on your needs and comfort requirements. I recommend selecting the carrier that strategically fits your personal brand. Ensure it coordinates within your color palette and is in great condition.

Business Card Case

Many people miss this opportunity to show off their personal brand and to enhance their first impression when making contact. From leather to metal to washable paper (it’s a thing!), always carry your business cards in a case that will protect them and keep them in prime condition. Mine is in my signature color, orange, and has my name engraved on the top.

Your Office

Your office is the ultimate business accessory and a key element of your professional presence! What does yours say about you? I have many clients who polish and update their personal brand through clothing and grooming, but their office communicates an off-brand message. To up your office’s message, first ensure your office is tidy; it doesn’t have to be sterile, but looking like a pack rat never helped anyone’s career. Next, is your décor updated? From drunken Christmas party to the top of the Eiffel Tower, what do your personal framed photos say about you? (Having no photos can communicate another message about you.) What does your artwork convey about you? These key points can make or break your personal brand.

Did you know you can add a Personal Office Consultation as part of taking THE FIRST STEP with me? This session will help you round out your strategic image by focusing on your workspace. We’ll explore your office’s décor, from artwork to furniture and from layout to wall colors, to ensure your workspace fits with your intended personal brand. What’s better, we can have this consultation in-person or via video or photos!

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