How Should You Dress for a 1st Date?

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Talk about making a 1st impression, this is the king of occasions.  The other person is evaluating everything and diagnosing if that sought after “chemistry” exists.  The first factor being evaluated is – how you look.  After the 1st impression, their personality, ability to connect with you, compatibility, and similar goals and values will all come into play.

Let’s start with the easiest part of the first impression, how you dress.  This is the easiest because it can be adjusted and modified so instantly.  This is much easier to adjust than a boring personality!  Let me just say, “I have seen it all!”  From men showing up in cut-off blue jean shorts with a white “wife beater” tank top for his shirt, to men so buttoned up they appeared stiff as a board.  Ladies commit the same crimes, usually associated with showing off way too much “of their goods”, or not playing fair and not letting the man see a glimpse of what they look like. 

First date attire should be selected based on where you are going and what you are doing.  If you are simply meeting for coffee, jeans and a nice shirt/top are just fine.  If you are going to dinner, this is the time to step up your selection and dress up more to show you value the time he/she is investing.  Second, select styles that flatter your particular body type.  Second, the clothing should show off your physique/figure without looking desperate (i.e. even if you have the best biceps in town, no tank tops!).  Third, your ensemble should reflect your personal style.  If you are very traditional, that should come across.  If you are very creative, this is not the time to try to look more conservative.  We want to make it easy for the other person to get to know us, and our clothing choices can assist with this goal! Finally, be well groomed.  This may be your only chance to make that 1st impression.  I met a guy who said, “Oh if I knew I was meeting you I would have had my hair cut, it is way over do”.  Well, he knew he was meeting me (he did set up the date), and I couldn’t be attracted to the 80’s look.

You are ready! Take a deep breath, arrive on time, and enjoy the journey!

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