Are you really ready to date? Are you sure?

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I realize as we get older and find ourselves back out there dating that we will have some baggage.  Unless you are Sleeping Beauty, you aren't single because you are totally innocent, without a history, some bumps, possibly quirks and emotional bruises.  But, make sure you ready to date? Dating involves a bit of trust, lightness and MANNERS.

A very odd date happened to me recently.  I understand through well-meaning friend’s attempts at setting us up on blind dates and online dating services, we are all a bit cautious – as we should be.  Although, when your ice-breaker questions include – no joke:

"May I see your driver's license?"
(We were in a public restaurant – he asked this to confirm my age!)

"What is your credit score?"

"How do you look with no makeup in the morning?"

These were just the openers. I was so distracted looking for the door throughout the rest of the paranoid inquisition that I can't remember the rest of the inappropriate questions that he asked.  Of course, we all want to know the other person’s sorted details, but it seems some of that information needs to come out as when a relationship evolves.  Perhaps it's my own fault for taking care of myself, having a current sense of style and good oral care that would make someone wonder how old I am and if I'm "all real."  I'm not sure.

From a female perspective, these are questions I would welcome:

  • "When you have NO schedule and it's beautiful outside, what's the first thing you want to do?"  Ash yourself, are they actually someone who would notice a beautiful day, or want to sit in and watch a game.
  • "What about your career is your favorite aspect? Ask yourself, do they hate what they do, are they passionate, are they a workaholic, and does their answer involve something of integrity.
  • "What three books best sum up your reading tastes?" "Why?" Ask yourself, do they like to read, if yes, are the books something they've read recently.

These are good questions because they give more you information than the questions present.

There is no wrong answer, but their answers will help you see if there is a match. If you are a sports TV nut, then someone who would prefer to catch a game, even when it's sunny out may be a good match for you. If you don't enjoy reading, someone who says they only read business books or magazines may be a good match for you.  It all depends on where you are heading, where you want to land.

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