How to Take the Perfect Head Shot!

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headshotI recently had a client who asked me to evaluate her company head shot. To her credit, she realized the head shot was not flattering or representing her Personal Brand. I looked at the pictures, and the issue was the photographer did not know how to pose her for the shot and she did not select the best outfit for the photo. She followed these tips below, and now has a photo that is a flattering and the perfect representation of her Personal Brand.

An important part of your Professional Presence is having a current and flattering head shot. Today, the people we want to do business with research us before a meeting or interview. When they look at your company or personal internet site, they see your picture and make a mental note. They instantly form an expectation and impression about you. When they meet you, if there is a disparity between you in person and the picture, this will create an unfavorable first impression. Do yourself a favor. Update your web site or press photo with a flattering picture ASAP. Follow these tips for a perfect shot every time!

  • Exhale and Smile: A natural and genuine smile is critical. When people hold their smile it becomes forced and fake looking. Take a deep breath and smile as you exhale, keeping your jaw open unclenched so your face is relaxed. Closed lip smiles are not recommended – you will look disingenuous.
  • Keep Your Chin Up: If you want to avoid the double-chin effect, keep your chin up. No hunch backs – sitting up straight will project a confident and capable professional.
  • Daydream: Many people look like they just saw a ghost, with that uptight look in their eyes. Think of a funny moment and then look at the camera, this will provide the natural smile you want to capture.
  • Look Slimmer, Sit at an Angle: Since most headshots are from the shoulders and above, you want to angle your body so that you are not directly facing the camera. These shots are typically not flattering. Looking over your shoulder slightly will provide a much better shot. Tilting the head is tricky, as it can create a sexy or feminine appeal. Men, no head tilting for your pose. Ladies, use caution as you do not want to communicate the wrong message.
  • No Shine and Wear Color: A matte finish to your face will always provide the best shot. Blot with a Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets before the shot. Select an outfit that you would wear in your role, and keep it simple. You want the focus to be on “you” – not on a loud tie, a print blouse, or a loud accessory. This being said, do select your most flattering color that will enhance your skin tone and bring out your eyes.

You are ready to impress! Look like your head shot and have your head shot look like you! It is also important to hire a great photographer who specializes in corporate head shots. I would like to introduce:

Sheri Geoffreys
Corporate Photographer

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