Dress for the Body You Are In: CAMOUFLAGE TIPS

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Feeling a little fluffy after all the holiday treats? Feeling a little fluffy just because after 40 everything relaxes a bit? Sometimes, fighting to lose those last 10 pounds is just not worth the effort. Now, I am not encouraging people to be unhealthy, but I am encouraging us all to take a realistic view of our situation.

Nothing brings more attention to your extra pounds than wearing clothes that are too tight. The law of nature naturally draws our eye to where clothing is pulling and swelling.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people want to look larger or taller. Others want to camouflage a short neck or short legs. Whether you want to camouflage the 5-10 extra pounds, or simply want to make the most of your inherited body shape (which will never change no matter how many diets you endure), knowledge is power! It doesn’t cost any extra money to select the right clothes for your body. In fact, it costs less. Follow these tips and you will be able to select clothing that will make you look and feel great!

Look Taller and Thinner – Use Color Wisely: When you wear one color from head to toe, it creates a long vertical line that elongates the body and you will look taller and slimmer. Men who want to look taller will always look best in a suit or sport coat and slacks that are close in color. Women who want to camouflage their hips typically wear black on the bottom and a lighter color on top. Unfortunately, this only makes the situation worse. The eye is drawn to where the top hits at the hip line, creating a focal point exactly where she doesn’t want people looking. A solution to this issue is to wear a matching color top and pant, and wear a different color jacket or overblouse. People will be focused on your great jacket rather than what is underneath.
Use Vertical Lines To Your Advantage: Vertical stripes or lines generally move the eye up and down the body, which makes you appear taller and leaner. Vertical lines can be created by a row of buttons, a long zipper, a prominent seam, or a patterned line. Vertical lines can also be created by a medium to deep v-neck collar line.
Be careful of unfriendly verticals. Vertical lines are deadly on stretchy or clingy fabrics because the straight lines will turn into curved lines and curve over every little bulge and bump, which will make you look larger. Guys, do you ever wear a golf shirt that has horizontal stripes running across your stomach area? Another unfriendly culprit is broad vertical stripes spaced too widely, as they draw the eye horizontally rather than vertically.

For those of you that want to create the illusion of a larger chest or broader shoulders to balance a larger bottom half, wear horizontal lines on your upper half. Boat neck tops create a perfect horizontal line to broaden the shoulder line.

Round Shapes Add Volume: Anything round makes you look larger. Round collars, round necklines (i.e. crew neck rather than a V-neck), round earrings, and round prints on ties and tops are not the best choices. Remember when you were a kid and went to the pond and threw in a rock resulting in rings that kept appearing and growing larger? Round shapes make the eye travel outward. Lines and diagonals are always a better choice. A nice crisp crease in your slacks will always create a slimming effect.
Balance Your Inherited Proportions: Proportions are not necessarily a height or weight issue. You can be large or short and perfectly portioned or tall or skinny and totally out of balance. When your clothes are in proportion to your shape, you will look slimmer because the eye will travel easily around the body frame and not get stuck on one particular area.
The shorter your legs, the shorter your jacket or top should be. People with larger hips tend to wear longer tops to cover up. This will only make you appear shorter and wider, unless you have a long leg proportion. A well fitting classic slack is your best option.

Wear Clothes that Fit aka If it Doesn’t Fit Get Rid of It: Size is not synonymous with fit. If label tags bother you, cut them out! Most people wear several different sizes depending on the designer so buy what fits the body you are in.
Here’s the deal, clothes that are too big can make you look bigger and clothes that are too small can make you look bigger! Your clothes should skim the body, not cling to the body. If you can’t slip a couple fingers between yourself and the waistband, it’s probably too tight. The biggest bonus is you will be a lot more comfortable and look slimmer.

If you are losing weight, find a good tailor to adjust the clothes you already own. Also, invest in a few new pieces with every size you lose. It is not motivating to wear clothes that do not fit your body. You should invest in the new you!

We all have enough to think about each day, without worrying about our wardrobe. “Dress for the body you are in”, be good to yourself and don’t try to slide into clothes that simply do not fit. Having a wardrobe that works with your coloring, personal brand and body proportion will make you feel great and free to focus on your goals and your life!

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