Keeping the talent growing from within through mentoring

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I am excited to have been selected to be part of a mentoring program offered by one of the largest natural gas for transportation companies in North America.

They offer a summer program for teen’s just graduating high school to college grads. They are matched up with a manager and executive who mentor them through the summer program.

The company is growing very fast and desires to create new talent and give back. Their employee relations philosophy is to be admired, they treat people very well! It’s a privilege to be a part of a process to grow talent and encourage mentorship. Younger people don’t always have the benefit of generations in their family to turn to when it comes time for career decisions. Being mentored by seasoned professionals and executives gives real life experiences to job training, rather than only what college courses have to offer. The ability to ask questions, see true challenges and solutions in the workplace is a priceless education.

My role in this program is to teach them Business and Dining etiquette.

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