What Does Your Employee’s Personal Brand Say About Your Company?

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We know when people speak about "personal brands" the focus is quite frequently on your employee's online presence and brand. But we are talking about being IN PERSON here.  The best networking and business deals are done IN PERSON.  As we become more dependent on online networking, we forget where the best networking and business relationships are forged: up close and personal, and through your connections.

Your team may be terrific at blogging, tweeting, posting, keeping their personal life from being found by your clients; but how do they represent your company when asked to attend a business function, seminar, conference or dinner?

Do they know how to LISTEN and make the speaker feel important and respected?  Do they bray like a donkey when they laugh? Do they get a bit too festive when alcohol is available?  What about how they speak about your company, competitors and coworkers when you are not around?

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