Update Your Professional Image Over 40

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My mature clients want to stay relevant at work, but many aren’t sure how to find their best business image without looking old or out of place, especially next to very young colleagues (or even bosses!). Fortunately, Kay Hunter Image: Ageless is all about helping men and women over 40 look and feel their best, in their personal image and in the workplace. So it’s time to update your professional image over 40!

Good news: Check out these quick and easy tips for mature adults to update their image in the workplace. Stay current, stylish, and relevant at work—because great style is ageless!

Quick Tips to Update Your Professional Image Over 40

  • Looking vibrant and youthful doesn’t mean trying to look younger. You want to look current and relevant, not dress like you’re 20. So choose a personal and professional image that is authentic to you, not forced or fake. Own your age and experience—you’ve worked hard for it!
  • Your clothes should fit and flatter your body. The most common misstep in mature styling is poor fit. That’s because many of us fight our changing bodies before we embrace them. We hide behind baggy clothes that hang off us, or we stick with what worked in our 20s and 30s, and end up with clothes that are too tight. Choose clothes that fit the widest part of you (waistline, bum, chest, and so on), and then tailor the rest from there.
  • Watch those hemlines. And not just too short, but also too long! Long-sleeve hems should hit a little below your wrist when your arms are at your sides; if your sleeves are covering your hands, they are too long! Ladies, look for skirts that hit you at the most slender part of your knee; avoid lengths that go above the top of your knee. Gentlemen, look for slacks that are an inch or two from the floor, unless you’re wearing a highly tapered ankle-length style.
  • Update your glasses. “Current” eyeglass frames change more frequently than other fashion, so updating your glasses is a quick style fix. Even if you only wear reading glasses, choose a stylish pair that flatters your face and complements your personal brand.
  • Consider an exercise routine. There’s much to be said about a fit, healthy image at any age, but especially as a professional over 40. Regular exercise can help you look and feel younger, and can put that pep in your workplace step.
  • Change up your hair. Does your hair look the same as it did ten years ago? Try something different with your hair cut, color, or style. If you’ve been seeing the same stylist forever, a fresh set of eyes may discover new potential in your hair.


As a bonus, here’s a quick guide to mistakes that will make you look dated or sloppy.

Business Image Mistakes That Age You

  • A battered briefcase, portfolio, or other business accessory
  • An ill-fitting suit
  • Dirty, tattered, or outdated shoes
  • Dandruff or dirty nails
  • Joke ties
  • Fashion trends taken to the extreme (like head-to-toe animal print)—mature trends are all about moderation, so maybe an animal-print shoe or pocket square instead

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    About Kay

    I’m Kay Hunter, Orange County image consultant for men and women over 40. I transform mature professionals, active adults, and seniors into more successful and confident versions of themselves. By expressing yourself through style and fashion, you’ll get that boost of confidence, visibility, and value you need to get to the next level. Enhance the joy of living—because great style is ageless!

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