It Is 2021 – Does Your Personal Brand Need to Pivot (Too)?

It Is 2021 – Does Your Personal Brand Need to Pivot (Too)?

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Personal Brand Update

It seems all we have been doing over the last year is pivot! Talk about an overused word, but it is the reality of our world right now. Whether we had to learn how to work at home in a makeshift office, homeschool our children, video conference, or order contactless delivery, we have all had to make changes—some for the better and some definitely not ideal—but we have proven we are far more flexible than we might have known.

Since we are making other pivots, I asked myself if I needed to pivot too—my personal brand, that is. In this new, more relaxed work environment, I wanted to be sportier but still professional. I didn’t need the same makeup routine with the wonders of Zoom filters, and I certainly wanted to be more comfortable. I challenged myself to make changes and create positive pivots in our new “normal.”

At the same time as my personal rebranding, I had the opportunity to work with Luxivair SBD, a San Bernardino, California, company who wanted to do the same thing—pivot! Positioned where opulence meets comfort, Luxivair wanted to ensure their employees’ personal brands matched their company brand, which is so important to image and presence. With both of these journeys in mind, I wanted to share a closer look at how to build a personal brand that communicates an intentional message and maximizes success.

The Steps to Building a Better Personal Brand and Company Brand in 2021

Solid employee brands build company success. As your company’s key representatives, your employees’ social presence and appearance directly impact how your company is perceived, particularly during that oh-so-important first impression. If that first impression is negative, it’s tough to shake, even if it later proves to be wrong. With the proper tools and attention, your employees’ professional presence can be crafted into a strategic personal brand that delivers their best impression every time. Start by answering these questions!

What brand message do you want to communicate to customers and constituents?

Luxivair is an executive airport terminal welcoming corporate customers and general aviation pilots to enjoy a thriving business complex designed to support the complete needs of corporate, charter, and general aviation pilots. They wanted to communicate a company brand of luxury, first class quality, and a 5-star hotel experience.

Luxivair Original Uniforms 2: Kay Hunter Image
Luxivair Team: Original Uniforms

What should you wear to communicate this message?

For Luxivair, I identified styles and pieces for new uniforms that were stylish, professional, elegant, and comfortable. As with all my personal clients, I always consider body proportions, colors, and brand goals in these decisions.

How should your hair and makeup look?

I brought in my hairdresser and makeup artist, and we had a fun one-on-one lesson day. We helped each individual employee identify the style that best suited the company goal, their personal style, and their daily time commitment.

Luxivair Makeup Session

How should you act to mirror your branding goals?

I conducted a group Professional Presence session, teaching an array of protocol including nonverbal communication, COVID-19 etiquette, and so much more.

Luxivair Professional Presence Seminar

What about practicing?

Anything done well takes practice. This Luxivair group was amazing. We conducted a “dress rehearsal” session, where they came to a meeting dressed in their new ensembles, they did their hair and makeup to perfection, and they practiced their new protocol skills.

Luxivair Uniform Photo: Kay Hunter Image
Luxivair Team: New Look

In Conclusion

I have never been so impressed with a group of professionals. They wanted to learn, they applied their new knowledge, wore their new clothes, and shone with pride and confidence. And they had fun! Luxivair’s branding journey was a win-win for everyone—the customers, the employees, and the company! As for my own rebranding journey, I’ve found that sporty but professional vibe that is both comfortable and current with the times. (And you’d never know because they are off camera, but I’m usually wearing tennies so I can chase my dogs!) You have the power to shape your message to the world. What will you say next?

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